Damage Detection

Damage Detection

Companies, dealing with vehicles, have to deal with damage. You can think about delivery companies, rental companies, car dealers, or leasing companies who all aim to evaluate the state of their vehicles. However, damage detection is an inefficient and time-consuming process. Not only the detection itself, but even more the handling and aftercare of the administration and repair process. Often employees check a vehicle manually, potentially even missing damage. This gives rise to high costs, mostly in labor as time is not well spent, and discussion with customers or employees about who is responsible for the damage. In their process or supply chain all these companies could benefit from automated damage detection.


Our automated damage detection solution uses computer vision to automate your damage handling from detection to settlement. We developed a unique artificial intelligence model that learned to detect damage on vehicles. Similar to learning a child what a car looks like by pointing cars out, we teach our AI model how dents, scratches, cracks and other damages look like by showing tens of thousands of examples. Due to an extensive training on these examples, our model can now accurately detect damages on new photos.

Automated damage detection
Damage detection setup

Damage detection setup

Our setup consists of a gate with four poles. In each pole there are three cameras on different heights. The placement of these cameras allows us to capture the vehicle in full when driving through. Any people in the images are blurred to make them unrecognizable. All photos are then processed by our AI model and all identified damages are displayed in a web-based User Interface. We provide access to all previous scans to track the state of vehicles over time. In this way a digital twin of the vehicle will always represent the last known or previous state(s). With our tool, damage detection will be an easy and automated process. The full solution increases efficiency, saves cost, and removes redundant administrative work.


Are you interested in our solution or its pricing? Contact Ralf de Haan or Koen Haenen to see what Damage Detection can bring your business.
Are you enthusiastic about the solution but do you want to detect something other than vehicle damage (e.g. corrosion, an excavator, a giraffe or anything else) contact Ralf de Haan or Koen Haenen to talk about the possibilities.


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