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Bridging the Gap

The gap between data and the business is an area where domain expertise needs to meet data expertise, but they often speak a different language. The Pon Datalab is bridging this gap, by turning data into business. From the one side, the business can have a specific challenge for which we either have a solution, or we co-create and deliver results. On the other side we experiment with the latest techniques and innovate on data to create new Datalab solutions.

Making Pon the smartest trading and service company in the world

Our Vision & Mission

It is not a secret anymore that we are living in a fast changing digital world and Pon should be in the front line of this journey. With use of internal and external data we bring innovation and business value for all companies within Pon. By combining the rich data environment that every business unit of Pon is generating each day, with the unstructured data coming from the internet, our mission is to make Pon the smartest trading and service company in the world.