About us

Pon Datalab

We are the Pon Datalab, a team of 18 data scientists, engineers and AI specialists on a mission to make Pon the smartest trading and service company in the world. How? By bridging the gap between business and data. On the one hand, we do this by solving challenges faced by Pon companies. We either deploy one of our existing solutions or co-create with the business to create a custom solution. On the other hand, we spend one day per week on innovation. On this day we experiment with new ideas and technologies, aiming to surprise the business with new solutions that might turn into stand-alone business models like Lensor.


Making Pon the smartest trading and service company in the world


Our long term vision is that all Pon companies will be data-driven, fuelling their decisions and processes by advanced analytics. The Datalab will be an incubator for data science talent, cutting-edge AI solutions and new business models. As a result, Pon will have gained a major competitive advantage due to the data science capabilities it has built up both centrally and within the different operating companies.

Core Values

Our focus on business value and innovation allows us to always stay ahead, creating insights for Pon companies that would otherwise be unavailable to them. We leverage collective genius through collaboration and teamwork, leading the way but never losing the business challenge out of sight.