Pon AI Lab

The Pon AI Lab is embedded in the Analytics & Optimization group at Vrije Universiteit. The group has many national and international connections, and is internationally leading in the field of analytics and optimization. We form a very active and collaborative group and are fascinated by mathematics for business applications.

Job openings

Want to solve data and computational challenges in smart mobility AI applications? Develop AI for efficient logistic planning in the mobility industry? Achieve real-world impact using AI? Apply for a PhD position in the Pon AI Lab!

The Department of Mathematics of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in collaboration with Pon, welcomes applications for a fully-funded, 4-year PhD position in Artificial Intelligence in the mobility industry. In this project you will work on developing innovative mathematical solutions on the boundary of machine learning/artificial intelligence and operations research for business challenges. The problems to work on range from problems in logistics, optimization, computer vision, forecasting and many more. You will be working under supervision of Sandjai Bhulai, and together with the team members from Pon Datalab.

Three research tracks have been identified, each corresponding to a PhD position. The first track concerns optimization, e.g., production planning or stock reallocation. The second track revolves around internet of things, e.g., predictive maintenance or flow control. The third track regards computer vision, e.g., quality control or corrosion detection. Collaboration between the tracks is encouraged, and the tracks are not
completely set in stone.

The research will be carried out in the Pon AI Lab. The Pon AI Lab is an initiative of Vrije
Universiteit and Pon to provide innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technology to
transform the mobility industry.

Meet the team

  • Jesper Slik

    Senior AI Specialist

    Eager to explore and anxious to achieve.