The goal of allocation is to use resources in the most efficient and effective way possible. If you optimize your allocation strategy, you improve the efficiency, accuracy, transparency of your business.

Churn Analysis

Customer Churn is an important issue where businesses need to focus on. Customer Churn can be shortly described as the rate of customers that are leaving your company and buy products or services from another supplier.


Dashboarding allows you to visually view your company data. It brings data from different sources together and focusses on key performance indicators (KPI’s) of your company.

Data Analytics Crash Course

The elephant in the room: data. We have so much data, but are we getting the most out of it? The answer is no, but where to start? It all starts with having the right capabilities and mind-set.During our 3-day crash course, we will train and inspire you in the magical world of data. We will focus on your people and work with data from your business during the course. We will work in analytical tooling and make sure you will have the basis to accelerate. Enthusiastic? Wait till you see the real stuff. Join the course!

Data Standardization

Good data quality is essential if you want to become more data driven. Before it is possible to run all kinds of Machine Learning models or algorithms, it is important that the data we are working with is clean and unique.


At the Datalab we attach great importance to innovation, because – to quote Albert Einstein – “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”.

Production Planning

Production planning can help streamline and optimize your manufacturing process. By using advanced algorithms, we can help you determine the most efficient way to schedule your production, taking into account factors such as stock availability, equipment capacity, and labor resources. Additionally, it provides real-time visibility into any potential bottlenecks or issues that may arise.

Lead Generation

For many sales departments, finding new customers is a matter of using your network, following your gut, driving around or digging online. But what if you can automate this process and get new prospects with the click of a button? We identify and rank the best prospects by analyzing millions of company websites and matching them with the perfect customer profile. Best part: we build the model together with you, because you know best what you’re looking for.

M&A Analytics

We would not be Pon if we did not takeover a company once in a while, right? By combining our Lead Generation techniques with Chamber of Commerce information, we can deliver the ultimate list of acquisition targets that suit your M&A requirements. Target companies are shown in an online map that can be filtered on revenue, number of employees and lead generation score.

Media Monitoring

Eager to see everything said about your company or brand online? The Media Monitor allows you to continuously monitor all news, articles and social media about your brand and spot relevant articles, key subjects, positive or negative sentiment and trends over time. These trends are compared to online traffic on brand websites, providing a tool to quantify the effect of corporate communications and marketing efforts.

Network Analysis

Expanding or reducing your retailer network while maintaining revenue growth requires an efficient network strategy. By combining geographic, demographic and economic data with locations of competitor retailers, we are able to predict local sales potential and spot the best locations to expand your network. The deliverable is an online tool that shows both your current and ideal network, while also giving insights into area properties and sales potential.

Predictive Maintenance

Unplanned downtime of machinery can lead to enormous costs. Our predictive maintenance solution determines when maintenance should be performed to prevent these unexpected failures. Many of our assets are either connected or contain information about maintenance history, which can be combined with external data to predict which asset or component is likely to fail in the future. Equip your planning and service department with our trigger-based (mobile) solution, that informs you when and why a machine needs maintenance.


In many sectors, companies list prices of their products on their website or web shop. Our competitive pricing solution extracts these prices directly from your competitors and matches them with your own product catalogue. A visual price comparison allows you to adjust your pricing strategy and increase sales and market share.


Understanding our customer’s needs and behaviour is crucial in the way we act towards them. What are our most profitable customers? What is written in the news? What are new potential customers? By enriching internal data about our customers with external sources, we answer all of these questions and provide the right insights for all departments within an organization. We deliver a web-based interactive interface where all information about your customer comes together.

Route Optimization

Many companies within Pon have employees on the road, visiting multiple customers every day. Deciding which customers to visit, at what day, and in which order, can be a time consuming puzzle. With our route optimization tool based on natural ant behaviour this process can be automated.

Sales Forecasting

The heart of your supply chain: a good forecast. Without one, you may build up excessive stock, produce products without demand or have the wrong products in stock. Our solution analyzes sales order history and external sources, using more than ten different forecasting models to ensure maximum accuracy. Sales history and future demand are displayed in an interactive user interface, and results can be exported or pushed back to your own systems.

Stock Optimization

Almost every company within Pon has to deal with inventory. Due to fluctuating demand, unreliable lead times and multiple cost components, managing this process can be complex and time consuming. The Datalab has developed a stock optimization model that supports your MRP process and determines your optimal ordering strategy by analyzing demand and lead times, calculating optimal order quantities and simulating inventory levels under different constraints. This model is accessible through an interactive user interface and can be integrated with your ERP-system.

Vessel Activity

The Datalab has developed a solution that can tell you precisely how active your customer’s ships are. For each of these ships we use the AIS location data to determine how much kms (or nautical miles) they travel per 24 hours. Using this information, a company can filter exactly down to those customers that are of interest.

Events & Updates

At the Datalab, we not only perform a lot of projects, but we also have events every once in a while. Here is an overview of the events that we hosted and/or attended.