February 15, 2021

ALUCA – Lead Generation

ALUCA offers high quality vehicle racking systems for every industry. The interior fittings have intelligent, ergonomic designs and are made to last. ALUCA distinguishes itself from the competition by offering 8 years of premium warranty on their products, as well as delivering custom-built designs for their customers.

With the lead generation project for ALUCA, the goal was to find new customers in large high potential regions in Germany and Austria. We started with a list of companies from a selected list of branches and ranked these companies based on their website content and a list of words we created together with the professionals of ALUCA. Each word represents a different value and adds up to the total score of a company. Based on this company ranking, ALUCA is able to target specific high potential customers, to improve their sales performance and expand their customer base using a data-driven approach.

  • Koen Haenen

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Wilte Falkena

    Senior Data Scientist