April 29, 2021

Audi Projects – Interview

An interview about: Audi Lead Generation and Customer Profiling

In the past years the Datalab has worked on a lot of different projects with a lot of Pon companies. On our website we often tell what kind of projects we have been working on and what the goal was. But what happened after the project was completed? And how did the company experience the project? Ellen interviewed Jasper Wolfkamp about his experiences with the Audi Lead Generation and Audi Customer Profiling projects. 

Introducing: Jasper Wolfkamp

Jasper Wolfkamp is Senior Marketeer Business Market at Audi, but works multi-brand with a focus on the B2B market. He started March last year at Pon, at first at Pon Business Mobility. 

Jasper’s experience with data (projects) started at ABN AMRO where he worked for a digital and online lending start-up. There he gained experience with lead management, conversion optimization, Salesforce dashboarding and Tableau. 

We completed two projects with Audi: Customer Profiling and B2B Lead Generation. Which problems did we try to solve with the Customer Profiling?

With both projects we wanted to get more insights in potential customers of Audi. We created a Customer Profiling dashboard in which we can see in which areas potential customers for a specific Audi model are located. Every area on the map gets a score which shows the potential of that area. The score per area is based on the number of current customers, the number of similar persona’s in the region and the number of competitor cars.

With these insights we can help dealers to focus their marketing efforts on certain areas and hopefully achieve better results.

Can you tell us about the pilots Audi is running with the dealers?

We are currently piloting the dashboards with a couple of dealers. In addition to that, the dashboard’s insights have been used for marketing campaigns. The goal is to use the dashboard as a starting point in the discussion about which potential customers the dealer should target. It is great that data insights can be used in this very practical and concrete way. 

We are really happy with the delivered solutions, and are looking forward to rolling out the dashboards with more and more dealers. We continuously try to optimize our sales funnel management and the opportunities it brings towards the dealers. 

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