Cycling Sports Group – Allocation

Allocating the right bicycle to the right dealer is a challenge that any bicycle manufacturer must face. One needs to decide which SKU to allocate to which dealer in the upcoming period. With bike components these days being in short supply, each bike must be allocated correctly. Cycling sports group expressed their ambition to improve their current allocation process.

CSG has data available about their supply, the ranking of dealers, the master data of the articles, and of course the order book. Also, CSG provided us with a distribution per SKU, concerning the ratio of the SKU every country gets. The goal is to fill the order book as good as possible, while giving every dealer enough attention. A main advantage of our method is that it saves a lot of time for CSG to run the allocation process. As a consequence, CSG can run new allocations when the supply or order book changes. This makes it possible to not only perform allocation on quarterly basis, but also on a monthly basis.

  • Kasper Meijjer

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Roy Gomersbach

    Data Scientist