Goodbye Kirsten and Jesse

Last week we said goodbye to our team members Kirsten and Jesse.

Kirsten joined the Datalab in March 2018 while still completing her Master’s degree in Econometrics and Operations Research. After writing her thesis about decision support for high schools, she joined the Datalab full-time in 2019. Specializing in Supply Chain Management, Kirsten executed many optimization projects at operating companies such as Derby Cycle, Gazelle, BBB Cycling, Radio Holland, Setpoint and Prochem. Kirsten also contributed to new solutions such as Vessel Activity, which has become an essential part of our portfolio. As of February 2022, Kirsten will join Datalab spin-off Lensor to bring their damage detection algorithms to the next level.

Jesse joined the Datalab in December 2020 after completing a Master’s degree in both Econometrics and Finance & Investments. During his time at the Datalab, Jesse executed various projects at Lease a Bike, Kalkhoff, Prochem, Pon Automotive, Pon Power and Pon IT. He also aided BBB Cycling in getting various data science initiatives off the ground, executing their data-driven strategy and even hiring a data scientist. Jesse will leave the Datalab to pursue his lifelong dream, competing as a racing driver in the Porsche Supercup and Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland.

We want to thank Kirsten and Jesse for their time at the Datalab and wish them all the best in their new jobs.