January 18, 2019

Datalab Strategy 2019-2022

The key to success is to have a clear mission and strategy to achieve our goals. Together with Joey Gonesh (Friday out of the Box) we organized a day with the team to redefine our short- and long term Datalab strategy. We had an energetic and fun day in Amsterdam, with a great result. Our mission did not change. We still want to make Pon the smartest trading and service in the company. Our strategy did change…

We defined 6 pillars we should focus on, and several key projects with ownership divided over the team. For example, one of the pillars is innovation with two key projects: 1) the innovation method and time we apply and 2) to keep discovering new technologies.

We are all extremely excited about our mission and strategy, and are confident to achieve our goals. For more information about our strategy please contact Ralf de Haan. We are happy to share our work.

  • Ralf de Haan

    Director Data & Analytics