Datalab Trainee Julia – Project at DOCKR

Almost one year ago I started the Data Science Traineeship at Pon Datalab. I recently joined DOCKR Mobility in my second assignment to help the business make strategic decisions based on data and to develop myself further as a data scientist.

At DOCKR, I started by analysing the repair data. The repairs are done by an external company and it is very important for DOCKR to keep track of the repairs and the status of the vehicles, such that they can help their customers best when they have questions regarding their bike(s). And, of course, because it would be great to decrease the total number of repairs. By using the data of the IoT-devices (Internet of Things) build into the bikes, we will be able to track the data of different components of the bikes. By using this data for analysis and in data science models, we might be able to predict when certain components will have a big chance of breaking down. Preventive maintenance can then be done to prevent the bike from breaking down and be out of the running for a longer time. It can also help the business in establishing better subscription prices based on the number of repairs needed when using the bike in a certain way/ riding a lot of kilometers.

Another ongoing project at DOCKR regards the expansion to interesting areas in Europe. By analysing important aspects for a location, we investigate cities in other countries to see which might be interesting for DOCKR. One can think for example about the bike-ability or the number of interesting prospects (companies) in a city. Combining this information and comparing it to cities where DOCKR has already proven to be successful, data science models can be used to identify new interesting cities. The resulting dashboard can be used in discussions about where to expand.

It is a great opportunity to see many different companies within Pon and I am very excited to use data to make an impact within DOCKR during this second assignment!

  • Julia Hazenberg

    Data Science Trainee