Datalab – Traineeship: First Projects


My name is Abdellah Louchahi, the new trainee at the Pon Datalab. I am 24 years old and besides my work at Pon I am also a Master student Business Analytics at the VU. For the next two years I will be conducting projects at three different Pon companies (each project lasts 8 months). Cannondale is the first company I will be helping to become a more data driven company.

Because of the abundance of data at Cannondale, I will be doing multiple projects with the team. In the first project I have been working on comparing bikes of Cannondale with its direct competitors. The comparison is based on the specifications of the bikes and their prices. One can for example think of: what type of suspension does the bike have or what type of frame material the bike is made of. Some bikes have identical specifications but their prices can be very different. This comparison is further visualized in a dashboard I created in order for the client to see what price point the bike should be optimally priced at, at a glance. During my time at Cannondale, other interesting projects that I will be working on are: allocation of bikes over their dealer network, production planning and the dealer network tool.

As a student I can use my fresh and newly acquired skills to help Pon companies thrive in becoming a more data driven business. It is key for a business to move from gut-based decisions to decisions that are backed by actual facts from data. I look forward to creating insights for the business and developing myself during this traineeship. The knowledge I obtain from university, and putting that into practice, will help my career flourish.

Hi all,

My name is Marieke van der Meulen. Last month, I started together with Abdellah as a data science trainee at the Pon Datalab. I look forward to implementing the skills I acquire during the master Applied Data Science at the University of Utrecht in real-life scenarios.

On our first day, Abdellah and I visited the Mobility Experience at Move.It was very fascinating to see all the amazing things Pon has achieved, and its impact on our daily file. It is a great opportunity to be part of this company.

I kicked off my traineeship at Pon Power, where I will apply data science algorithms to answer complex questions of the business. In my first project, I will focus on ship data. As sustainability becomes more and more important, Pon Power is exploring the possibilities of hybrid engines. However, such a hybrid engine is not suitable for every type of ship. To advise their clients the best way possible, Pon Power makes use of so-called ‘load profiles’. Since it would not be beneficial to figure out the exact load profile of each client, they have been gathering data on multiple ships over the last months.

My next project will be on shore power and since some of my colleagues have started a Microgird project at Pon Power, together with Digital Solutions, I might also be able to assist the team with this project.

My learning curve is already very steep and I look forward to what we can accomplish in the next few months!

  • Marieke van der Meulen

    Data Science Trainee
  • Abdellah Louchahi

    Data Science Trainee