November 18, 2021

Datalab – Traineeship: First Projects

Hi! My name is Tim van Walsem. Last month, I started my Data Science Traineeship at the Pon Datalab. In the coming two years I will be working for three different Pon companies and help them with various data science projects. For the first eight months, I will be helping Bike Mobility Services (BMS) to improve their abilities to gain insights out of their data. 

For my first project at BMS, I have been focussing on the conversion rate for new clients at Lease A Bike. This conversion rate entails the percentage of employees that will eventually lease a bike when a new company becomes a client of Lease A Bike. We are curious to find out what factors drive a higher conversion rate. Secondly, I have made a dashboard that looks into early returns for leased bikes. We wanted to gain insight into how many bikes were being returned at which moment and at what costs.

In the coming months, I will be helping more BMS companies to use their data more intelligently. At this moment, BMS is rolling out their data-driven strategy across all their companies and employees. I am looking forward to seeing how I can help to fulfill those ambitions.

Hi! My name is Julia Hazenberg and I am 22 years old. Last September I started the dual master Business Analytics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and next to that I joined the Pon Datalab team as a Data Science Trainee. I am very excited to use my data science skills to help the business make strategic decisions! 

I have kicked off the traineeship at Porsche, where I will be using my data science knowledge to come up with innovative solutions for the business questions that  arise. Next to that, trainings within the company should lead to a more data driven way of working. 

The first two months of my traineeship, I have been working on various business questions. For example, what is the result of a marketing campaign? Which cars have been in the workplace lately that we have not sold  ourselves? How does it come that these people have not bought their car at our  dealer and is there a possibility to sell them their next car? Having substantiated statistics will help the business gain insights into valuable customers and act on it.  Another project that I am currently working on is a dashboard to give dealers insights into their targets.

As a Data Science Trainee, I can use the knowledge from my study directly in my work and vice versa. Having short communication lines to the study and professors will help me in both my study and work. I am very precise, (almost) always happy and will definitely try to get to the bottom of the business questions. When I finish the traineeship, I hope I have gained enough experience to be able to use my data  science knowledge such that it adds value for both customer as company.