May 16, 2019

Digital Impact Program

Two of our team-members, Kevin and Marie-Anne, have participated in Digital Impact Program (DIP). In this 12-week program, we have learned how to generate and implement impactful digital propositions. This initiative was started by the Pon Digital Innovation Lab. Digital is an important facilitator to accelerate change but the main enabler of the program is a change in the mindset, skills and tools. The program is all about customer centricity, iterating & experimenting. 

In the program we worked with real Pon cases from all over Pon; from Orion to Gazelle and PEPP to Porsche. Not only did the program contribute to cool new ideas and propositions within the cases, but it also ensured that we have the right mindset, skills and tools to incorporate when working on new (digital) propositions in our daily jobs and innovate on a daily basis. 

DIP follows a Pon-specialized version of Service Design Thinking. To get a kickstart to the right mindset, several top experts from the field with different perspectives gave exciting sessions. In the program there are 7 applied training session in which we learned by doing. For us it was really inspiring to see the experts at work and then implement their know-how in our own cases and engage our customers!

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  • Kevin Haver

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Marie-Anne Beens