June 16, 2020

Area52 – Duuco

Duuco is an innovative startup from Area52 which wants to tackle problems within the energy industry. In order to do so, Duuco first needed to know who their competitors are in their field, and what these competitors were up to. To determine this, Duuco gave us keywords that are seen as important in their field. With these words we crawled through the whole web searching for domains. The domains which are making use of the important words are returned, and mapped to our KVK data, such that the website will be linked to a company.

Next to that, Duuco also wants to gain insight in the ‘weak spots’ of the Netherlands. These weak spots are the places where the most power failures occur. The power failures of grid operators in the Netherlands are scraped, and a heat map of the Netherlands can be created, in which the count will be calculated of the number of historic times that a power failure occurred in a specific area. 

  • Kevin Haver

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Roy Gomersbach

    Data Scientist