February 12, 2021

Exion – Lead Generation

To ensure that inventory remains relevant and in motion, lead generation techniques have found new customers for existing stock. Datalab developed a tool with which sales managers can target the right customers to engage with. Exion has an international clientele, which made us look for new customers in four different countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. An obstacle we consequently faced is that the websites we need to scrape in order to give each company a score, make use of different languages (see Lead Generation).

Since Exion is looking for fairly large companies, and because most websites have an English version, we decided to look at only English websites. Nevertheless, we did not discard the companies whose website was not available for us to scrape in English. On the dashboard, Exion can view both; the customers whose website was available to score and the customers for whom it was not possible (or the website was not found).

Lastly, to give more insight in the results, Exion can view the most popular industries where its potential clients are active and the frequency of words found on the websites.

  • Carlijn Levert

    Data Scientist
  • Marie-Anne Beens