FOCUS – Network Analysis

FOCUS Bikes is a German bicycle manufacturer specialised in sport bicycles with uncompromised performance, smart technology and high quality design. Each year they update their network strategy together with us, aiming to spot changes in the competitive landscape and to identify potential areas for growth. This year we focussed on four European countries: Belgium, France, Spain and the UK.

To map the competitive landscape, we scraped the location and contact information of 28 competitors. We matched these locations using the Google API to remove duplicates and to reveal which stores sell which brands. To see where potential customers live, we purchased demographic data about the number of inhabitants, age and purchasing power per postal code. We also scraped the Strava heatmap to see where people cycle a lot, elevation to identify mountainous areas and a website about trails to see where cycling trails are. Based on all of these indicators we created our own scoring model to estimate the potential of a given region.

The deliverable is an interactive dashboard that shows all of this information visually on a map. The dashboard shows all competitor locations, demographic information about each area and a link to the website of each dealer. The dashboard also shows the Google rating of each dealer and the revenue of each FOCUS dealer. Using this dashboard, country managers can improve their network plan and focus on the right areas for growth.

  • Kevin Haver

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Tarik Benmoussa

    Data Scientist