Navigating the Data Landscape: The Dashboarding Journey

In the final quarter of 2023, we at Datalab decided to experiment with our training approach. Moving away from the conventional intense 2-3 day programs, we’ve spread out the learning into a comprehensive 9-week journey. This span allowed us to immerse participants fully in the functionalities of Tableau, focusing not just on the basics but on creating business value through dashboards. The training is designed for 2 to 4 participants and we started off with Lotte and Tessa of the HR Service Centre.

The first three weeks are all about getting your hands dirty with Tableau. Participants engage in 5-hour sessions, alternating between theory about visualisation and storytelling and applying it through practical exercises. Starting with general, understandable data ensures the focus is squarely on leveraging Tableau’s features and capabilities. Beyond these sessions, assignments are provided for participants to deepen their proficiency with Tableau in their own time.

As we advance past the foundational three weeks, the real magic begins. Participants bring their datasets and business challenges to the table, aiming to gain better insights through a dashboard tailored to their data. These sessions are a collaborative effort in design and visualization selection, guiding participants through the creation of their dashboards.

Tessa, one of the first two participants, “A truly hands-on training where personalized guidance ensures a steep learning curve.” It’s this very guidance that allows for a unique and tailored learning experience for each participant.

Progressively, our role diminishes, giving participants the freedom to craft visuals and develop dashboards on their own. Regular Q&A sessions address challenges, fostering a problem-solving mindset rather than providing ready-made solutions. Lotte notes, “What I like about this training is that when you get stuck at some point, you are steered in the right direction but have to find the answer yourself.” This approach fosters a skill set that participants can apply beyond the training context.

This training is crafted for those aspiring to integrate Tableau into their daily work, moving beyond Excel for quick analyses and creating comprehensive reports for their teams or company. We ask for commitment and time investment from the participant and the manager beyond the contact hours to further the learning through assignments. It’s suited for both Tableau novices and those seeking to deepen their existing knowledge, with the training tailored to participant skill levels.

If the idea of starting this dashboarding journey with colleagues appeals to you, or if you seek further information, feel free to reach out to Alyn Bolhoven, Yasmin Roshandel or Ellen Mik.

  • Ellen Mik

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Alyn Bolhoven – Meijer

    Data Scientist
  • Yasmin Roshandel

    PhD Candidate Operations Research & AI Specialist