April 7, 2020

Internship Software Engineering

On the 6th of april Bram de Vries and Joris Ruitenbeek joined the Datalab team for their ten-week internship at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, both studying Software Engineering. 

Due to the increasing demand, they will focus on building an Angular application which will provide an easy way to search through the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK). For now, they are focussing on creating key components like searching on name, filtering on specific details like SBI codes, exporting data and showing basic statistics.

The goal of the project is to make the Dutch Chamber of Commerce data better accessible for a wider audience within Pon. Additionally, the data will initially will be shown in a user-friendly interface in which can be filtered before exporting the set to your own computer. This will make this enormous set easier to handle and better suited for fast analytics.

If you have any questions about this project, do not hesitate to contact one of our team members!

  • Koen Haenen

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Stephan Schrijver

    DataOps Engineer
  • Kasper Meijjer

    Senior Data Scientist