December 11, 2020

LEASE A BIKE – Lead Generation

LEASE A BIKE offers the opportunity to become a ‘greener’ company in a different way than usual: by letting employees lease a bike, instead of leasing a car. The goal of this lead generation project was to identify companies that could be interested in this proposition. To do this, we first analyzed the current LEASE A BIKE customer base to see in which sectors they are currently successful. We then searched for other companies within these sectors, filtering on companies with more than 50 employees.

After narrowing down the list of potential clients using these restrictions, we analyzed the website of each company. This website plays a critical role in determining the best potential leads, as it provides information about the company profile. In the case of LEASE A BIKE, we were looking for companies that value vitality, employership and sustainability, as these companies are more likely to be interested in the Lease a Bike proposition. Together with LEASE A BIKE, we created a list of words that fit this company profile, to score each company. All of this combined led to a final dashboard that shows all leads and allows the user to filter on the number of employees, sector, lead score and words that occur on the website. As an icing on the cake the user can also use LinkedIn in the dashboard for contacting an employee of the company.

  • Kevin Haver

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Roy Gomersbach

    Data Scientist