July 19, 2019

Master Data Analysis Tool

For an optimal result it is important that the coordination between technology, procedures and people in a company runs smoothly. Master data captures this alignment and represents the business objects that contain the most valuable agreed-upon information shared across an organization. Proper management of master data is therefore essential.

With an integration of ERP systems or distribution, copying and storage of master data, it can happen that affected or inconsistent information flows through an organization. This is in conflict with the fact that master data is an agreed-upon view of the organization and its operation. This is where the Master Data Analysis Tool comes in.

In collaboration with Gazelle, we have made a Master Data Analysis Tool. This program can compare files to find differences and similarities. In this tool snapshots of different moments in time can be pulled through.

Gazelle had an urgent questions to compare 27 tables with 3 snapshots each. The Master Data Analysis Tool compared the snapshots in different categories: 

  1. Record comparison 
  2. Column comparison 
  3. Row comparison

 To identify differences between the snapshots, the output of the program was an actionable list of output in a .xlsx format. These results could immediately be used to resolve possible inconsistent records. 

In addition, this project has set a base for an extendable solution for any type of input files and many different types of formatted output.

  • Kasper Meijjer

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Marie-Anne Beens