September 24, 2019


During meetings and brainstorms it is valuable to make notes about what is being said. However, we experience that sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the notes, or that you cannot optimally participate in the conversation. From this experience arose the idea to create the meetbot: an automated bot that listens to the conversation and immediately transcribes it. From there on other features can be added, for example handling to-do’s. For example, if the meetbot detects that someone says that person A and B should discuss this further on a Thursday, then the meetbot would be able to suggest a time the involved persons are available, or is even capable of scheduling this meeting with person A and B. Another idea would be to train the meetbot to summarize the complete conversation in key sentences.

However, we experienced that either the language recognition for Dutch is not developed enough, or it is not available. As we speak Dutch in many meetings, we had to stop this project until the Dutch language can be better recognized.

  • Kirsten Kniep

    Data Scientist
  • Stephan Schrijver

    DataOps Engineer