October 10, 2019

New team members

Last month, two new team members joined the Datalab team: Roy Gomersbach and Younes Seghrouchni. We hereby anticipate the increasing demand for advanced data analysis within our organization, and continue our mission to make Pon data-driven and ultimately the smartest trading and service company in the world.

Roy Gomersbach is 21 years old, and started his master Business Analytics at VU University this year. He will join the Datalab for 1.5 year as a dual student, meaning that he can combine the knowledge of his study directly in his work.

Next to Roy, Younes Seghrouchni joined the team. He is a 22 years old Artificial Intelligence bachelor student at VU University. Younes will write his thesis at the Pon Datalab. His thesis will be about customer reviews at dealers, using Natural Language Processing.