Online Sales Assistant

July 6, 2021

During this project we investigated the possibility to build a chatbot that is able to assist a potential car-buyer. This sales assistant is not a normal chatbot, but talks more human-like and asks the right questions.

After describing your dream car, we filter the inventory database based on the wishes of the customer. For this remaining part of the car inventory, we ask ourselves which question enables us to narrow down the inventory as much as possible. To prevent asking unnatural questions like “what is the model you are seeking for?” before we asked the desired brand, we added a certain sequence in the questions. Of course, it is also possible to not answer the question if you don’t care about a certain feature.

Although the smart part of the sales assistant worked very well, the used frontend (Dialogflow) was not suitable for the job, resulting in poor performance.

  • Kevin Haver

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Tom Klaver

    Senior Data Scientist