January 14, 2020

PEPP AI Challenge

The Digital Innovation Lab organized the Pon Equipment and Pon Power AI challenge with three companies. Q42, Widget Brain and Pon Datalab did three different proof of concepts to demonstrate what is possible with Artificial Intelligence.

As the Datalab we have shown what is possible with image recognition. Image recognition is a technique which can be used to identify objects on images. Our goal was to recognize two types of excavators on webpages of potential customers.

The next step is to incorporate the image recognition in the current Lead Generation flow to use the text and images of a webpage to find the best potential customers in the market.

For more information, please read this article.

  • Koen Haenen

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Kasper Meijjer

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Robin van Ruitenbeek

    AI Specialist
  • Kirsten Kniep

    Data Scientist