November 14, 2019

PEPP Soccer tournament

On October 3rd 2019 our PEPP colleagues organized a soccer tournament and the Datalab was invited as the only ‘external’ team. 8 teams from Equipment, Power, Sitech, MAN Rollo, Bakker Sliedrecht and Verachtert entered the tournament in the Excelsior stadium in Rotterdam. 

The Datalab showed a solid performance in the group stage with 2 victories and 1 loss, with a semi-final as result. In the thriller semi-final our team lost with penalties to the overall winner in the end; Bakker Sliedrecht. 

With a well earned 4th place (another loss with penalties for 3rd place) we feel like we are ready for next year to go for the victory! Thank you Poppo and Goran for wearing our Datalab shirt this evening!

  • Kasper Meijjer

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Robin van Ruitenbeek

    AI Specialist
  • Wilte Falkena

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Jesper Slik

    Senior AI Specialist
  • Roy Gomersbach

    Data Scientist
  • Younes Seghrouchni

    Data Scientist
  • Ralf de Haan

    Director Data & Analytics