July 23, 2021

Pon Analytical Community

One of the strategic goals of Pon is to evolve into a data-driven environment and to train and maintain employees’ digital capabilities. Being data driven requires the combination between the right people and the right tools and solutions. 


The goal of the Pon Analytical Community is to create a web and connect the minds and projects of data-driven Pon companies. The ideal outcome would be that the Pon Analytical Community paves the way for reducing the ‘number of handshakes’ between two Pon OpCo’s to zero. That is, one Pon employee can directly share their best practices with all other Pon employees around the world. In short, a cross pollination of opportunities between all Pon OpCo’s. 

What to expect?

Besides sharing working solutions, the Pon Analytical Community will also facilitate helping each other with data-related problems. Who better to ask for help than someone who has worked on a similar project and encountered the same problem as yourself? 

What to expect of the Pon Analytical Community? Lots of events in the so-called ‘AI-Café’: ranging from inspiration sessions for Tableau and data-driven projects to 48HRS cases, and more. The AI Café will start off as a virtual space (due to the corona restrictions), but will hopefully transition into a physical space as well. 

Who is in?

To sign up for the mailing list or to present an idea for the Pon Analytical Community, please send us an email at [email protected] 

New team member

Charlotte Koning has joined the Datalab team in May 2021. She originally finished her studies as a brain researcher, but is now transitioning into the field of data science and innovation. She will be building the Pon Analytical Community together with the Pon data-enthusiasts!

  • Ellen Mik

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Kirsten Kniep

    Data Scientist
  • Charlotte Koning

    Community Lead