Pon – Data Science Traineeship

June 15, 2021

Digital capabilities are key to Pon’s success in the long term. Operating companies increasingly recognize the opportunities offered by digitalization and the value that can be created using data. For this reason, Pon has launched the Data-Driven program, designed to support Pon companies in maximizing the use and value of data. An important part of this program is to build data science capabilities within the operating companies both through training and by attracting and developing data science talent. 

The goal of the Data Science Traineeship is to offer operating companies an accessible way to attract and develop data science talent, while offering master’s students an opportunity to gain work experience while completing their master’s degree. During the two-year program, data science trainees will work 20 hours per week, completing three projects of eight months at three different operating companies. They will be coached by members of the Pon Datalab, guiding them on a personal level and providing hands-on training in hard skills (coding, dashboarding, machine learning) and soft skills (communication, advising, project management). During each eight-month project, trainees will aid operating companies in getting various data science initiatives off the ground, ranging from management dashboards to predictive algorithms. After the final project, trainees will have the opportunity to apply for a data scientist position at one of the operating companies, and will enter a pool of data scientists (comparable with management traineeship).

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