Data Science Brainstorm Pon Logistics

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure to organize a data science brainstorm together with Pon Logistics. The goals were to get to know each other better, understand what each of the departments within Pon logistics does, and finally brainstorm about potential opportunities with those departments. The brainstorm was held at an external location, ‘KAS’ in Leusden, which allowed us break free from our daily work and come up with innovative and creative ideas.

We started with a lunch and after that had some presentations to introduce the subjects of the brainstorm. After that, we split up into two groups, where each of the groups was assigned a specific subject to think about new opportunities in. The subjects were transport and hours/personnel, which are also the two main areas where Pon Logistics works in. In the brainstorm we used a technique called brain writing, where there were multiple individual brainstorming rounds and in each round you build upon the ideas of others.

We rounded off the afternoon by presenting the most valuable ideas back to each other, and developing two ideas into an actual project proposal which can be started in the near future. All in all it was a very successful afternoon and we rounded off the afternoon with some drinks.

Has this brainstorming method spiked your interested and do you also want to organize a brainstorm together with us? Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our Datalab team members and we will be happy to think with you!