Pon Power – Lead Generation for Solar Panels

Pon Power has been providing energy solutions to companies for more than 90 years. To comply with new global policies – which means lower carbon emissions – businesses will need to find new ways to generate energy. With the introduction of Cat Solar panels, Pon Power – as the first Caterpillar-dealer in Europe – offers businesses and governments a sustainable alternative to generate energy.

Currently Pon Power mainly supplies solar panels to existing Caterpillar customers, including greenhouse farmers and hospitals. However, their ambition is to enter new markets as well. This is why they have partnered with us to find new companies that may be interested in solar panels.

Pon Power focusses on small and medium-sized companies that have a high energy usage and a building with a large roof surface suitable for solar panels. To find these companies, we combined company register data (KVK) with information about company buildings (BAG). We also added the existing customer base, to see which companies already know Pon Power or Pon Equipment.

The resulting dashboard shows company characteristics like size, industry and revenue and building characteristics such as construction year and surface. With this solution, Pon Power is able to easily filter and target potential customers and make the world more sustainable by providing solar panels!

  • Kevin Haver

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Laurien Fortuin

    Data Scientist