July 8, 2019

Pon Power Media Monitor

Developments and trends within the marine industry are of vital importance to Pon Power. Sales representatives have to keep up with the latest news about their customers, competitors and market areas and use this to their advantage, while management needs to have a view on long term trends in the marine business.
To aid this process, Pon Power has appointed a group of people called the Market Intelligence Virtual Department (MIVD). This department gathers all important news and market trends within the marine industry and present these in a quarterly report. This can be time consuming, as marine related articles are spread out across a large number of media outlets.

This is where the Pon Power Media Monitor comes in. The Media Monitor automatically gathers thousands of articles from more than 50 websites and categorized them based on predefined keywords. The monitor currently supports Dutch, English and Norwegian and also identifies when certain regions are mentioned in an article. Articles can be liked and shared, leading to a higher ranking on the homepage.

The Media Monitor currently has more than 100 registered users, and will soon be expanded to also include EPG related segments.

  • Kevin Haver

    Lead Data Scientist