July 21, 2021

Queueing – Service Desk Optimization

A service desk provides a communication channel between the company, its clients and its employees. To meet customer satisfaction, service desks aims to minimize the waiting times and the abandonments. To keep track of the current performance, records of the phone calls are kept.

During the Datalab’s innovation days, Pon IT allowed us to use their records to try to improve the service performance, by optimizing the customer satisfaction as well as the assigned number of employees.


First, we forecast the number of callers on a certain date based on the historical phone calls. Next to that, we analyze the behavior of the callers and the duration of the calls. After that, this information is used to simulate a workday at the service desk, using the Queueing Theory and changing the number of employees to handle the phone calls.


Results of the analysis provides insights in the current performance, as well as the future performance of the service desk. In this way the KPI’s can be tracked when assigning a certain number of employees on a certain date.
This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of employees and reduce costs. Next to that, when being able to minimize waiting times, the abandonment will decrease and customer satisfaction will be increased.

Unfortunately, the project has not been continued at Pon IT. They already had other priorities in their queue.

If you are interested in this project, please contact us!

  • Kirsten Kniep

    Data Scientist
  • Job Deleij

    DataOps Engineer