Radio Holland – Shipyard Analysis

Radio Holland, a renowned provider of maritime communication and navigation solutions, specializes in servicing various types of ships, with a primary focus on larger vessels like tankers and container ships.

To enhance its customer targeting capabilities, Radio Holland aims to obtain comprehensive information about the specific shipbuilding locations and manufacturers. With the utilization of extensive IHS data, we have developed a user-friendly tableau tool that facilitates these insights. This tool offers valuable details about the shipbuilding locations and the number of ships constructed over the years. In addition to historical information, Radio Holland can explore the analysis from different perspectives.

The first perspective is location-based, enabling users to view the analysis on a country, city, or shipyard level. This functionality allows Radio Holland to gain insights into shipbuilding hotspots. Secondly, we provide Radio Holland with an “owner perspective.” This feature allows them to identify the shipbuilding locations preferred by ship owners, which is also of great interest to Radio Holland.

  • Koen Haenen

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Roy Gomersbach

    Data Scientist