March 3, 2020

REVOLT Market Scan

REVOLT is an area 3 initiative from Area52. This start-up aims to combine Pons strengths in the (renewable) power solutions, electric cars and new mobility. It will develop new propositions for businesses around new power infrastructure with a new model of smart finance. 

This year Datalab supported the entrepreneurs from REVOLT with analyses in the test phase. During the test phase, the focus is to validate the business models and the right to play.

In collaboration with REVOLT, we created a market scan and a competitor analysis. The first step was to identify current competitors and current players. Thereafter, we have used techniques that extract the text from their websites and annotate the words, to make an overview of their propositions. This information can be used to discover a gap between the current offer and customer needs. This way REVOLT can validate their right to play and get to know their competitors.

  • Marie-Anne Beens