April 6, 2020

Setpoint Stock Analysis

Before starting to optimise any stock levels, it is key to analyse the sales data and the stock levels. This approach analyses if all required data is present and how the company is operating to ensure an accurate and reliable optimisation.

The Pon Datalab has been asked to analyse the current stock levels and compare these levels with the calculated optimal situation. This approach reveals the potential savings from the Stock Optimisation program in the future. For this, we looked at: delivery risk from suppliers, historical sales to customers, and stock levels. Datalab calculated ABC classifications and defined, together with Setpoint, the best service levels for each class to minimise cost while being able to serve all customers in time.

All insights are combined in an uniform dashboard, which reveals the business case itself and shows the optimal stock levels for each item and warehouse. This enables Setpoint to directly look at the items which are either highly overstocked or potentially understocked.

  • Robin van Ruitenbeek

    AI Specialist
  • Marie-Anne Beens