November 23, 2022

SITECH – Connected Excavator

During the innovation days, the Datalab team spend multiple weeks on a very interesting innovation project. From SITECH we received sensor data of several excavators. The IoT sensors are attached to the excavator arm and generate data about movements and directions of the arm. 

The goal of this project was to look into excavator efficiency. One question that came up was whether it was possible to see if sand (or other materials) was transported twice. We analysed wether the location where sand was picked-up, was equal to the location where the sand was dropped in an earlier stadium. 

But first, a little data exploration was needed. In Tableau we made a map in which we could simulate a day of digging on one specific construction site. In this dashboard we can see the position of the excavator and the height of the excavator arm (see screenshot below). Additionally, we made a KPI dashboard in which the speed for the different activities is shown. 

Currently, the data in the dataset is not sufficient to create an excavator efficiency analysis. With only the location and the arm position, we can not draw conclusions about the efficiency. When more data is available, this project will be continued. 

  • Ellen Mik

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Wilte Falkena

    Senior Data Scientist