Datalab – Trainees going abroad!

In September 2021, the first two data science trainees started their data science traineeship at the Pon Datalab and are now working on projects at different companies within Pon. In February 2023, they will be traveling to the US to complete the traineeship. Read about their projects or potential hiring opportunities below.


Last April I started the second part of my Data Science Traineeship at the Pon Datalab. After my first rotation at Bike Mobility Services, this time I went to Pon Logistics (PL). At Pon Logistics I have been working on two different projects. First of all, I tried to decrease the movements on the cars unloading place. This was done by creating a simulation which gave insights into all the movements that were performed, and then checked how performance would become if different steps would have been followed. As a second project I have been looking into the current dealer network of PL. The goal was to investigate if Pon could help their dealers create a more centralized distribution chain that could lower the overhead costs of the dealers. This resulted in multiple calculated scenarios on which Pon and the dealers can decide which actions to take.

This January I started the third and final part of my traineeship, at Cannondale USA. Currently I am working remotely on improving their data quality and availability. On February 16th I will be moving there for six months to work on multiple projects. First of all, to get better insights in the daily business, and then also to use data to better ground their future decisions. At Cannondale I will also be finishing my Masters in Business Analytics with a research thesis. This will be done by forecasting their future sales and implementing this into the production planning.


In August 2021, I began the Data Science Traineeship at Pon Datalab. In April 2022, I took on my second assignment at DOCKR Mobility, where I utilized data to help the company make strategic decisions and further develop my skills as a data scientist. During my time at DOCKR, I worked on a project focused on expansion into promising locations in France. By analyzing various factors such as bike-ability and the demographics of a city, we identified cities that might be good candidates for DOCKR to expand to. We then used data science models to compare these cities to locations where DOCKR has previously been successful. The resulting dashboard and export can now be used to make informed decisions about where to expand.

In January 2023, I started my third and final assignment at VAS in Madison, a leading provider of connected dairy management systems. VAS’s software helps farmers improve their herd management, feed, and nutrition records, enabling them to make profit-driven and sustainable management decisions. At VAS, I will work on a project that involves predicting farm inventory and cow milk production by using different forecasting models while also completing my MSc. Business Analytics. This is a great opportunity to experience different companies within Pon and I am excited to work on this project at VAS while completing my degree.

After completing the data science traineeship, our trainees will be looking for a job within Pon. Julia and Tim will be the first to graduate from the traineeship and will be seeking employment in September. If you have an interesting assignment/ opportunity within you company for one of  the trainees or you would like to know more, please contact [email protected].

  • Julia Hazenberg

    Data Science Trainee
  • Tim van Walsem

    Data Science Trainee