June 24, 2020

Verachtert – Lead Generation

Verachtert is a supplier of work tools and accessories for earth-moving machines, such as excavators and wheel loaders. In order to sell their products they therefore need to find customers who own an excavator or wheel loader. These customers are for example active in earthmoving, road construction, waterfront engineering, demolition, scrap processing, recycling, general industry and bulk transport.

Verachtert has asked Datalab to help find new customers with high potential of buying one of their products. We used our lead generation method for this. We first did an interactive workshop in which we determined in which industries (potential) customers are active. Based on those industries, a list of potential companies rolled out. Such a list concerns all companies in an industry, but not every company is equally valuable in terms of potential. We used our smart lead generation tools to rank these customers.

That is, we first searched web addresses for all of these companies with a new tool that is specialized in finding domains. Based on the content on these websites, we have used a score algorithm to determine whether the companies behind the websites may be interested in one of Verachtert’s products. These results are then visualized in an interactive dashboard. 

The best thing about this project was that it was a super interactive collaboration. Verachtert immediately started working with the results of the deliverable in order to get into contact with new customers.

  • Koen Haenen

    Lead Data Scientist
  • Marie-Anne Beens