November 30, 2020

Volkswagen Bedrijfswagens – Lead Generation

COVID-19 has large consequences for the society and economy. It has led to big changes in consumer-, travel- en buying-behavior. This behavioral change has diverse effects on the industries that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles serves. While one industry might be withhold, demand for another industry can go through the roof causing need for commercial vehicles. As the effect on industries differs during the stages of the pandemic and governmental measures, it is important to immediately recognize which customer groups can be served by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Together with Business Insights from the PAH, the Pon Datalab has build a powerful analysis tool to identify which industries might have demand for commercial vehicles. This is calculated and determined based on a number of factors available from open data sources such as the monthly CBS data, resulting in an industry performance indicator. In addition, we have used lead generation techniques to identify which companies are more interested in Volkswagen. We scanned company websites for words that indicate potential to have a fit with the brand Volkswagen. The higher the website score based on words, the higher the potential. 

These two analyses are visualized in an actionable dashboard that can be used to find the perfect customer based on website score and industry performance indicator. The first pilots at dealers have started. In those pilots, they will use the dashboard to find potential customers that might have demand for a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle. 

  • Kasper Meijjer

    Senior Data Scientist
  • Marie-Anne Beens